Want to have a bulging figure? Try this workout!

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Most women fear barbell squats because they don't want to become too strong or masculine. In fact, barbell squats do not make women look like men. They only make women healthy because the hormone testosterone is responsible for muscle mass. Women's testosterone levels are too low compared to men to gain weight from barbell squats. So don't worry, many women even spend hours doing cardio to burn off fat, but are they really getting the body of their dreams? Most women don't, and that's because cardio training will only lose fat, not make you bulge, but barbell squats are okay!

As the saying goes, no squat, no ass. Barbell squats are more likely to tighten women's hips. When the squat to the low point, the gluteus maximus will get a lot of stimulation, often barbell squat, gluteus maximus will become firm and tight, from the appearance of the buttocks will become strong and upturned. And barbell squats will sculpture thigh lines, women because of physiological reasons, muscles are difficult to grow very developed. So the regular barbell squat, the thighs will become tight and firm, beautiful lines, rather than into a man's thick legs. When squatting, abdominal muscles and back muscles will also get good stimulation. Women who squat regularly will have smooth back and abdomen without bloating.

Barbell squats can also consume fat and effectively maintain the figure. If women practice barbell squats, they can consume male hormones, which can make women more feminine and appear young and sexy. Moreover, the exercise of weightlifting can make the muscles in the pelvis and perineum become more elastic and powerful, which also strengthens the vaginal muscles. It can greatly enhance the pleasure of sex

Studies have shown that women who do strength training reduce their risk of diseases such as diabetes, obesity, arthritis and depression.

Exercise helps build stronger bones, and bone health becomes more and more important as we grow. In addition to calcium, vitamin D, and other bone supporting micronutrients, barbell squats can increase bone density. To avoid osteoporosis (loss of bone density, which can lead to fractures), the weight lifted by barbell squats increases bone density in the body.

Barbell Squat Tips and Tutorials:

  1. Preparation posture: look upward with tilted eyes, lift your chest and raise your head; Place the bar on the trapezius muscle and deltoid muscle at the back of the neck. Keep the distance between your feet shoulder-width apart. Stand with your feet at a 30-45 degree Angle.
  2. Squat: Keep the back straight, slowly squat
  3. Keep still: Squat to the lowest time to keep 1-2 seconds, to the thigh and the ground parallel, pay attention to the vertical position
  4. Squat up: raise the head and exhale at the same time, when the legs stand up completely and then straight waist;

In the whole process of squatting must keep the center of gravity stable, feet can not move; After the body is upright, the four heads need to continue to exert force to achieve a state of extreme contraction, keeping the knee overextended for 1-2 seconds.

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