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Blood Pressure Watch

What is the significance of blood pressure check? Hypertension has become a common disease of middle-aged and elderly people. Its symptoms are not very obvious. Some friends even have no symptoms at all, while some people will have a little symptom, but this cannot be accurately judged as high blood pressure. Disease, to accurately determine whether there is a hypertensive disease, it is necessary to pass scientific testing methods before the final diagnosis.

Blood pressure and body temperature, heart rate, respiratory rate as a vital sign. Its stability is meaningful to the major systems and organs of the body, including the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, the endocrine system, and the heart, brain, and kidneys.

Blood pressure is too low, and blood supply to major organs is insufficient. Too high is easy to cause blood vessels to rupture and bleed, and it is easy to cause abnormal blood sugar and blood lipids, leading to other chronic and acute diseases, and its target organs are easily damaged and involved.

The significance of measuring blood pressure is to monitor changes in blood pressure, the goal is to control blood pressure, and to treat and prevent through blood pressure. The first is to prevent complications, and the second is to take active measures for patients with existing hypertension and complications to reverse the disease as much as possible and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events from hypertension. Therefore, once hypertension is diagnosed clinically, regardless of the severity of the condition, first of all, a full-name systematic examination should be carried out on the damage to the vital organs that may be caused by hypertension to assess the degree of damage and provide an accurate basis for treatment.