Ways About How To Do Push-ups Well

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Pushups are a kind of exercise that people often do in physical training. Doing them consistently can improve the body's strength and is also good for the heart function and cardiovascular system. Push-ups may seem simple, but there are all sorts of minor problems that can occur during exercise. It should be noted that push-ups should not be too casual, but should pay attention to the standardization of the movement and pay attention to the details to ensure its safety, science and effectiveness.

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Here are some common irregularities in pushups and the correct methods.

1.Some officers and soldiers do push-ups because the core strength is weak, with the waist muscles to compensate for the strength, the result of the waist collapse or let the waist arch up wrong posture. The correct way is to tighten your stomach, straighten your legs and relax your waist

2.Improper breathing during exercise. Some officers and soldiers like to hold their breath when doing push-ups. In fact, this is not scientific. They should inhale when the body falls and exhale when holding up with their hands.

3.Like bow, neck is too tense. The correct way to do this is to tuck the chin slightly, relax the head and neck, keep the eyes straight ahead, and maintain the normal curvature of the human spine.

4.The position of the shoulder blades is not fixed, like shoulder clamping, arm extension is too large. The elbows should be balanced with the torso while keeping the shoulder straps stable and lifting them up.

How to do push-ups well?

1. Do a retraction of the elbow before doing a push - up.

This is to avoid pushing the elbow too far in the process of push-ups, which will cause the shoulder to exert too much force, which will not only feel tired, but also affect the exercise effect.

2. Prepare yourself.

Before doing push-ups, hold a brace position with palms on the ground, fingers facing forward, palms shoulder-width apart or slightly wider than shoulder width, arms straight, feet together, head, back, waist and hips in an oblique line.

3. Always keep your stomach tight while doing push-ups.

If the abdomen is not tightened, the waist will collapse when doing push-ups. At this time, the hip bones and lower limbs will land first, and the exercise effect will be greatly reduced naturally.

4. Keep your shoulders back when you do push-ups.

You don't need to fix your elbow. When you reach the highest point, bend your elbow slightly so that you can always keep your shoulder in a retracted position.

In addition to the above points, do push-ups in stages. According to observation, generally do push-ups after 1-2 months will have a more obvious effect, muscle thickening, strength increase, body shape become better, the upper limbs will also be strong. The next step is to do weight bearing push-ups, and then to do machine training, which is best to use a professional trainer. For beginners, do 2-4 sets of 10 push-ups a day, rest for 1-2 minutes, and build up slowly. For example, start with 10 sets, then 20 sets, then 30 sets, gradually increasing the amount of training. After that, you can move on to weight-bearing push-ups, but be careful to do them gradually, don't rush, and don't do too many at once.


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