What Is The Origin Of Mother's Day?

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Greeks were the first to celebrate Mother's Day, honoring Hera, the goddesses' mother in Greek mythology, on this day. Mother's Day arrived in England in the middle of the eighteenth century, and the British celebrated it on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Young folks who are away from home will come home on this day and bring their mothers some tiny gifts.

Amanm and Jarvis (1864–1948), who started Mother's Day as we know it today, did so in the US. She lived constantly with her mother and never got married. Amanm was devastated when his mother passed away in the year 1905. Amanm and her friends started writing letters to influential ministers, merchants, and lawmakers two years later (1907) to ask for their cooperation in getting Mother's Day recognized as a legal holiday. Children frequently disobey their moms' feelings, according to Amanm, who hopes that Mother's Day will encourage people to reflect more on what mothers have done for their families.

On May 10, 1908, West Virginia and Pennsylvania celebrated the first Mother's Day. Carnations were chosen as the flowers to honor mothers and pass along at this holiday.

The U.S. Congress approved a bill in 1913 designating the second Sunday in May of each year as Mother's Day. Since then, Mother's Day has grown!

Mother's Day in the UK

The fourth Sunday of Lent was dubbed "Mothering Sunday" in England in the seventeenth century as a way to honor British mothers. On this day, people visited their homes to pay their respects to their parents. Note that Lent refers to the 40 days—excluding Sunday—that precede Easter Eve.

Many poor individuals at the time had little choice but to beg for money in affluent people's homes, and they were compelled to leave their homes in order to live with their masters. The masters would grant them a holiday on Mothering Sunday and advise them to go back home to be with their mothers. A unique dessert known as "mothering cake" has also been created in order to heighten the celebratory mood.

This celebration changed to reflect the reverence for "Mother Church" as Christianity spread over Europe. It now shows people's appreciation for the spiritual force that has given them life and shielded them from harm. Since then, Mother's Day celebrations and church services have been mixed to express gratitude to moms and the church together.


Interpretation of MOTHER

  • M (many) Mom gave me a lot
  • O (old) mother is worried about me, the white hair has climbed up your head
  • T (tears) You shed a lot of tears for me
  • H (heart) You have a kind and warm heart
  • E (eyes) Your eyes are always full of love when you look at me
  • R (right) You never lie to us, teach us to do the right thing


Mother's Day in America

The Battle Hymn of the Republic author Julia Ward Howe introduced Mother's Day in the United States for the first time in 1872. She proposed designating this day as "peace" in Boston and other places. Celebrate Mother's Day with a party.

Philadelphian Ana Jarvis led a push in 1907 to establish a nationwide Mother's Day. The Sunday School director of the Grafton Church in the United States at the time was Mrs. Jarvis, a mother of ten kids. She was in charge of explaining the Memorial Day curriculum in the school after the Civil War ended in the United States with the aim of emancipating black slaves. Jarvis is a compassionate and loving person. She recounted the tales of the warrior heroes who gave their lives in battle to uphold justice. She had a stunning realization as she observed the young audience members' childlike expressions: she has given the homeland so many gallant fighters. Don't you think the women who put in so much effort to raise their kids won the war? Aren't these unnamed mothers also the ones whose sons suffered the most suffering and sacrifice on the battlefield? She therefore suggested that a Memorial Day or Mother's Day be established in order to soothe these regular ladies and show their kids' filial piety to their mothers. It is regrettable that Mrs. Jarvis passed away instead of this excellent wish coming true. Anna Jarvis, her daughter, observed her mother's arduous efforts in raising herself and her siblings and believed that her mother's suggestion was in keeping with nature and people's hearts. She consequently wrote numerous letters to the US Congress. Mother's Day was suggested by regional governors, women's groups, etc. She repeatedly urged people to embrace this initiative, and many have responded positively.

When Mrs. Jarvis's death anniversary fell on the second Sunday in May in 1914, President Wilson solemnly declared that day to be Mother's Day. The U.S. government also mandates that every home fly the American flag on Mother's Day as a sign of respect for mothers. Carnations have come to represent Mother's Day since Mrs. Jarvis cherished them throughout her life.

Mother's Day is a warm-hearted holiday. Each son and daughter should do something to please the mother on this day to demonstrate their filial piety. The male family members should handle all the housekeeping. Even youngsters who live far apart from one another should celebrate one another by calling their mothers. The American people will wear flowers on their chests on this day. Wear a colourful flower to indicate joy if your mother is still living; a white flower to convey sadness if she has passed away.


Mother's Day all over the world

Following its creation, Mother's Day has gained support from individuals all around the world. When Anna Jarvis was alive, Mother's Day was celebrated in 43 nations. These days, more and more nations are taking part in the festival. Mother's Day is become a genuinely global holiday. Conventionally, May 11 is observed as "International Mother's Day" each year. However, Mother's Day is observed differently in some nations at different periods of the year. However, Mother's Day is observed on the second Sunday in May in the majority of nations, including Denmark, Finland, Italy, Turkey, Australia, and Belgium, among others.

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