What Is The Standard Spo2 Level

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SpO2 on the monitor represents the blood oxygen saturation of the fingertip. The value change can reflect whether the patient's body is in a state of hypoxia, and to a certain extent, it can reflect the patient's respiratory function and arterial blood oxygen changes. It is used to help doctors better monitor An important indicator of the patient's basic vital signs.

The normal value of SpO2 should be greater than 94%, and the upper limit is 100%. When SpO2 is less than 94%, the patient may have different degrees of hypoxia, such as shortness of breath and chest tightness. When SpO2 continues to drop by less than 90%, or even less than 80%, it means that the patient has severe hypoxemia, which can greatly affect the normal function of the body.

When a patient has abnormal SpO2, it is mostly considered to be a respiratory disease or cardiovascular disease, such as pulmonary inflammation, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, severe pulmonary fibrosis, status asthmaticus, and respiratory distress syndrome. When there are problems such as decreased cardiac function and cardiac arrest, it can also lead to a rapid decrease in oxygen saturation, which requires timely oxygen inhalation therapy or drug correction.

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