What is the value and significance of smartwatches

Smart Watches

What can a smartwatch achieve

In addition to the smart features that most people can think of, many of the features that we can't think of at once are more important. For example:

  • Rely on things like heart rate monitoring to keep track of your body's changes
  • Use basic formulas and algorithms to figure out your rough calorie burn and relative numbers
  • Relying on motion sensors to detect and record motion data, the more you record, the more accurate the analysis will be
  • When it is not convenient to use a mobile phone, the watch can also be used to read information
  • Daily health data logging

Therefore, smartwatch should not be just a "small tool" in our life. It should be valuable to walk alongside it and help us understand ourselves better and become better people.

What can a smartwatch do


smart watches that monitor heart rate


Physical health data becomes available (heart rate, blood oxygen, etc.), and you can share these data with your doctor when something is wrong, so that you and your doctor can be more aware of how your body is feeling and get more helpful solutions.

Remind you that it's time to "get moving" and increase your fitness motivation. When you sit for a long time, the sensors in the watch will sense it and tell you to get up and move when the time is right. Stretching or pouring a glass of water are good choices.

Learn more about yourself through physical and activity monitoring and recording. Also track how many calories you burn each day to keep your calorie intake in perspective.

Training records help you reach your fitness goals. If your goal is to run 10km today, you can set a distance alert on your watch and it will tell you when you reach 10km. Lest you fall short of your target distance.

  • Tips for overtraining to help you avoid sports injuries.
  • Training data to help you improve your performance.
  • Improve sleep quality by monitoring light/deep sleep.

The pressure of work, life and study, the dependence on Internet and game products, and the neglect of physical health, many people at a young age have shoulder and neck pain, dizziness, hypoglycemia, back pain and other symptoms. There are only 24 hours in a day and a lot to accomplish. Most people face the problem of balancing life, work and exercise. The biggest conflict comes from the use of time. If you make good use of smartwatch, you can make more effective follow-up and planning on your health condition, and cooperate with the exercise suitable for your own state. I believe you will be more energetic to meet new challenges.

In conclusion, smartwatches gradually become a necessity, largely depends on the requirements and expectations of yourself become higher, so how to choose and use your smartwatch becomes particularly important.

smart watches that monitor heart rate


Before buying, consider your own needs first. At the same time, you should clearly understand the functions of the smartwatch. Think about what practical benefits it can bring to you. For example: will it help me develop healthier habits? Can you directly see the data and changes in my body? Can you urge me to exercise? And so on... If it is only bought as decoration, there is no way to interact with it, so even if you buy back will not develop a long-term wearing habit, then it may be at most a decoration or even decoration.

But if it does make a difference to your healthy life, you will gradually develop the habit of wearing it for a long time, record and use it, let it play a variety of roles, then it can be a good assistant, a good coach, a good partner.

Tip: The longer you wear it, the more data will be recorded, and the more accurate the data will be for you.