What kind of exercise can make people live longer

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Scientific and reasonable exercise can prevent and cure diseases, reduce the risk of falls and fractures, enhance disease resistance, improve quality of life, and prolong life.

In particular, the elderly cannot rest blindly. Only moderate exercise can pass through their old age healthily. The following three types of exercise are good choices.

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What kind of exercise is suitable for the elderly?

1. Aerobic exercise

  • Elderly people who insist on doing aerobic exercise can improve cardiopulmonary function, delight the body and mind, and relieve bad emotions.
  • Each exercise should reach 20-60 minutes, 3-7 days a week.
  • Aerobic exercise for the elderly should reach a moderate intensity, reaching 50% to 70% of the maximum heart rate of 220 minus age, that is, during exercise, they should be able to speak but not sing.

There are many sports to choose from, such as cycling, jogging, walking, dancing or aerobics; if your body allows, you can walk by changing the walking speed and direction, but you must put safety first.

2. Resistance exercise

  • Elderly people doing resistance exercise can enhance muscle strength, improve endurance and explosive power, and enhance the ability to absorb oxygen.
  • The elderly have 1 to 3 groups of resistance training a day, including knee flexion exercises and squats, as well as knee extensions and bench presses, etc., properly adjust the exercise posture, exercise on one side or both sides, choose a good exercise intensity, and ensure weekly There are 2~3 days of training.

It is worth reminding that the speed must be well controlled during resistance exercise, and you should not act too hastily. Slowly increase the exercise load until you feel a little difficult. In some cases, equipment is needed to increase the resistance to ensure the smooth progress of the exercise.

3. Balance exercise

  • The balance ability of most elderly people is weakened to varying degrees, which reduces the range of motion and activities, and may fall if they are not careful, thus reducing the quality of life. Therefore, the elderly should pay more attention to balance exercises. If the balance ability is particularly poor, then first practice the balance ability, and then do aerobic exercise, so as to ensure safety to the greatest extent.
  • Under the premise that the body can bear it, do 1-2 sets of balance exercises each time, such as standing on one leg and slowly doing twisting exercises, or you can choose standing yoga, slowly going up and down stairs, and walking in a straight line; capable elderly people At the same time as balance training, add auxiliary exercises, such as counting math problems while standing on one leg, etc. The exercise should not be less than one day a week, and as much as possible should be practiced every day. Over time, you can improve your balance ability and prevent falls.


Kind tips

All in all, the exercise of the elderly should be diversified, not limited to a certain type of exercise, and the combination of aerobic exercise, balance training and strength training should be ensured. However, appropriate exercise methods should be formulated according to the physical condition of the elderly, the risks and benefits of exercise should be assessed, and the amount of exercise should be flexibly adjusted according to one's ability.

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During exercise, you can wear a BP Smartwatch to monitor your heart rate, breathing rate, calories, and blood pressure to help you adjust your exercise plan in time