What to Do If Knee Hurts After Climbing a Mountain

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Many people choose to climb mountains. However, although mountain climbing is good, wrong climbing posture or excessive exercise may lead to sequelae-knee pain. Why do knees hurt? So how do we deal with this knee pain?

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What Causes Knee Pain After Climbing?

Generally, people whose knees are injured due to too much walking are mostly people whose leg muscles are not developed enough and their strength is not strong enough. It is not difficult to strengthen the leg muscles. First, it can be moderately trained with equipment, and second, it can be strengthened through training such as squatting and raising legs. Of course, pay attention to changing your habits every time you climb a mountain, walk elastically, let your body follow the flexion and extension of your legs, and gradually strengthen your leg muscles.

When walking, use the leg muscles as much as possible and use less knee weight-bearing, which can not only protect the knees, but also strengthen the leg muscles and exercise the legs; also because the muscles must be continuously guided by the mind, it can strengthen the muscles Pay attention to the condition of the legs and the road surface to reduce accidents; more use of the leg muscles can also keep the legs sensitive and respond quickly when unexpected situations occur.


What should I do if my knee hurts after climbing a mountain?

1. Take more rest:

Rest can slow down the phenomenon of muscle soreness, and can slowly promote blood circulation, can accelerate the elimination of metabolites, and can eliminate the supply and repair of nutrients in muscle soreness, so that it can return to normal. So rest more after exercise to relieve fatigue.


2. Stretching exercise:

During rest, don't forget to perform static stretching exercises, that is, stretching exercises, on the sore area.


3. Massage:

Massage the sore muscles to relax the sore muscles, promote blood circulation, speed up the decomposition of lactic acid, and slow down the degree of muscle soreness.


4. Hot compress:

Use a hot towel to apply heat to the sore muscles to promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, and relieve the pain caused by sore muscles. (It is best to accompany the stretching exercise in step 2 during the hot compress process, which can speed up the elimination of muscle soreness and make it return to normal)


5. Medication:

You can also choose an appropriate ointment to smear the sore muscles and use medicine to relieve the soreness.

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