What to Do When HealthWear and BP Doctor Smartwatch can’t Connect

What to Do When HealthWear and Smartwatch can’t Connect

In the rapidly advancing world of health technology, seamless connectivity between HealthWear and smartwatches is essential for a smooth user experience. However, users may encounter connection challenges, leading to frustration. This article addresses common connection issues and provides practical solutions.


About connection question

1. The device cannot be found

(1) First, make sure that the device has sufficient power and is close to the device. The closer the distance, the easier it is to search for the device.

(2) If your device has been connected by other mobile phones, and the connected mobile phone is still near the device, then you need to turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone that has been connected to the device, and then use the new mobile phone to search for the device, because one device can only be connected to the device at the same time. A mobile phone is connected. There is a small bluetooth icon on the main interface of the device. If the bluetooth icon is displayed as connected, it means that the device is connected. If the icon is gray or there is no bluetooth icon, it means that the device is not connected.

(3) You can try to turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone and then turn it on again, wait for a while, and search for the device again.

(4) If the device is not connected to other mobile phones, and the device cannot be searched even if it is close to the mobile phone, you can try to restart the device (turn it off and on again) or restart the phone, and then open the APP to search for the device again.

(5) If there are many Bluetooth devices around, please go to an area with fewer Bluetooth devices and try to search and connect again.


2. After connecting the device, will the App automatically connect with the device?

(1) For your convenience, when you connect the device, the App will automatically try to connect every time you open the App. The connection process takes about 5-10 seconds. During this period, you do not need to perform any operations. After the connection is successful, you can perform active tests normally.

(2) Automatic connection may fail under special circumstances such as the Bluetooth of the mobile phone is not turned on, the App has not obtained relevant application permissions, the battery of the device is low, or the memory of your mobile phone is insufficient. You can search for connected devices by first-time connection procedure.

About search question

1. Why can't the App find the device?

A search appliance typically requires two prerequisites:

(1) The bluetooth of the mobile phone is turned on.

(2) The location function permission of the mobile app is turned on.


2. Why can't the mobile phone search for Bluetooth devices?

1. The Android system must enable Bluetooth and location permissions, and the iOS system must enable Bluetooth permissions. If you do not open the relevant permissions for the App, you may not be able to search for Bluetooth devices.

2. Check if the device is connected by other mobile phones

3. If there is no problem with checking permissions and devices, you can try to restart the watch or phone.


When there is a problem connecting HealthWear and the smart watch, please try the above methods first. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with high-quality after-sales service.