What you need to get started before trail running

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Running is my favorite form of exercise on the trail. I can see more and my movements feel just right for my body. I can connect with myself, the trees, the sky, the earth under my feet and the animals around me.

There are no hard and fast rules for trail running, but if you can, here are my personal rules: I find that every once in a while I stop to see the sights, listen to the sounds... Everything is important. I make sure to enjoy what I'm doing, even though it may be challenging, and stop to look at the beauty around me.

Cross-country running is your thing. If you aspire to run fast on trees, you'll probably do it. If you're looking for a more meditative experience, you can get that too. If you're training for a race, or just exploring a new space, this track will give you that too.
Are you looking to start a new running habit, or revive a long-dormant habit? Here are some tips to get you started:

Find a way.

A path doesn't have to be rough or specialized. You can choose a path of crushed cinders or dirt, a path that winds through the woods, or something with lots of rocks, boulders, sagging branches, and hills. A trail is a trail, so pick your trail and go for it!

Cross-country running shoes

You need some good shoes to add to your trail running experience. Depending on the shape of your feet, your gait and the route you're going to take, I recommend trying them on at a running store, making sure your shoes aren't too tight or too loose, and that your shoes are specifically designed for the route. For example, on fairly flat dirt roads, you don't need knotting and grip shoes, but on rocky or muddy roads, it may be advantageous.

Technical clothing

The clothes for trail and road running are very similar, and you'll find that you can use the same clothes for both types of running. However, you may end up staying on the road longer because you may be moving more slowly. A waterproof jacket (or at least waterproof) and an extra base coat (I like to wear a woollen woven zipper on cold winter days) will keep you warm and protected from the elements for a long time. Good tech socks are a must. I prefer tech wool socks, which don't cause friction and will keep your feet temperature regulated.

Food and water

If you're on the road for more than a few miles, you may need a few calories to help you explore. I like food that is easy to digest quickly and full of calories. You'll also need to hydrate - try a vest or backpack that allows you to carry water and electrolytes, or a hand-held bottle for short trips.

Accessory part

I know a lot of people like to run on unskilled tracks, but I think you can enhance your experience. I like to see how many miles I've covered (or haven't!) , what height I reached, my heart rate, how my training was going, a topographic map of where I was running and many other elements of my trail running trajectory. So I use my BP smartwatch to track all my training data.

Hope this blog encourages you to try trail running! It's an incredible way to walk the world alone and be surrounded by nature's generosity. Join me!

With exercise,wearing a good smartwatch that tracks fitness and activity data will make your workout a lot more productive.If you are finding a good one, why not choosing our BP doctor watch?