Which Is More Important, Cycling Time Or Cycling Distance

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When the vast majority of novices start riding, it is often unclear whether the ride should be based on time or distance. In fact, this problem not only troubles novices, but even many riders who have already entered the pit do not understand it very well.

So in our daily riding training, should we pay attention to the length of riding distance or the length of time?

Under normal circumstances, riders who have not undergone step-by-step riding training will rush to ride more than 70 kilometers on the first day. Pain etc. This undoubtedly poured cold water on the riding interest of novices.

For novices, when they first get in touch with riding, they first need three essential equipment: 1. Helmet, 2. Cycling suit, 3. Gloves

If you do not have the above three pieces of equipment or even lack any one of them, then when you start riding, you must not take the distance as the benchmark. This will not only cause body pain, but even endanger personal safety without the protection of a helmet (remember Remember, the first rule of thumb when going out for a ride is to wear a helmet).

According to the normal riding experience, it is recommended that the first goal for novices to ride is to take time as the benchmark.

First of all, time-based cycling training is easier to calculate, without considering speed and distance, and riding in the most relaxed state is the most suitable for cultivating riding habits. For riders who aim to lose weight, no matter how intense the exercise is, if it cannot be sustained for a long time, the fat will still not be burned continuously, and the calories consumed will be negligible, so the weight loss effect will inevitably be unsatisfactory (without scientific guidance, blindly high for a long time Intensity riding is also a hidden danger to the knee). Therefore, step-by-step cycling is an ideal fat-burning exercise.

For weight loss parties, it is generally recommended to ride for 1-2 hours, so that fat will be burned at a higher rate for energy, and then accumulate a relatively high burning value, and the weight loss effect will be more obvious. Therefore, it is best for novices and dieters to ride based on time and not to think too much about speed and distance, which is the easiest indicator to control for novices.

For those who are just starting to ride, time is also a goal that can be best used as a continuous practice. If you pay too much attention to the distance, you will unconsciously want to ride faster, but you can’t rush onto the road with your bicycle at the beginning, and then go for a long-distance ride of 100 kilometers. This behavior is obviously harmful to your physical condition Not responsible enough.

Thousands of novice riders can only ride for more than ten or twenty kilometers at most at the beginning. It should be emphasized that novices should ride longer rather than faster. Therefore, speed is not important, distance is not important, don't ride with time, set your first goal to ride continuously for 1~2 hours, when you can easily complete 1~2 hours of riding, you will Start to learn about riding slowly. When you can ride comfortably for several hours, your physical fitness will gradually improve. At this time, when you start to train high-tech skills such as cruising and climbing, you will get twice the result with half the effort.

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