Why Smartwatches Are Becoming A Necessity

Smart watch blood pressure accuracy

Smartwatches are nothing new. Since the turn of the millennium, smart devices and wearable products have been subtly changing our lives and the way we interact with the digital world. It's not just a fashion style. Why has there been such a shift in attitudes towards smartwatches, which have never been seen as necessary? Mainly because demand is changing.

Before we can understand this, we need to know what a smartwatch does. After all, in the market for various smartwatches, it is just a simplified version of the "phone on the wrist", such as sending and receiving messages and listening to music. It's hard to impress us.

In addition to some basic functions, can you monitor your health status, sleep quality and exercise data around the clock by wearing a watch, and provide appropriate "personalized" reminders and suggestions, so that the "smart" is more user-friendly and professional and practical? It is the problem that more people begin to pay attention to, and it is also the foundation that smartwatch gradually becomes a rigid need.

Smartwatch through a variety of built-in sensors, writing functions and a series of professional background algorithms, in addition to some smart life functions, can also achieve richer and more accurate health monitoring and exercise recording functions.

First, I will introduce the most basic and core things of the next two smartwatches: one is the algorithm, the other is the heart rate monitoring.

Smart watches | neural network algorithm

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The accuracy of monitoring data and calculation methods (algorithms) of smartwatches will greatly affect the practicality of products for users. If the accuracy of the data is not high, users will lose the reason to wear a smartwatch in the first place. The algorithm ends up not only telling you how many calories you burned today, but also more high-level data such as your body's daily stress index, your body's electricity use, the quality of your sleep last night, the intensity/effect analysis of the workout you just finished, your VO2 Max, and so on.

The effectiveness of a smartwatch can be greatly affected by whether the algorithm is scientifically authoritative.

The key to heart rate | health monitoring

"Only professional athletes need heart rate monitoring" is a common misconception. More and more clinical studies have confirmed that monitoring heart rate can help you know your body's condition in time and prevent it from happening. Wrist heart rate measurement is simple and convenient, and can be performed anytime and anywhere.

Measuring resting heart rate is not difficult, but the changes of various environmental factors during exercise are a great challenge for optical heart rate detection. Sweat, vibration, temperature, the user's posture, fluctuations in the state of the body, and even the distance of the device from the skin can all interfere with the optical heart rate in different sizes.

smart watches that work with android

Many heart rate watches stop detecting heart rate when the hand is stationary. BP Smartwatch, with built-in optical sensors and innovative optical structure design, combined with intelligent heart rate algorithm, can monitor heart rate throughout the day and warn of high heart rate, so as to quickly and accurately assess the heart condition.