Work your core and tighten your abs!

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In recent years, blow up a "abdominal heat", from the human fishing line, vest line all the way to the Sichuan word muscle has become a sexy index. Plus it strengthens the body, speeds up metabolism, slows cardiovascular disease...

Many people have joined the ranks of fitness! This article takes you to understand the "obliques" that are easy to be ignored, and 6 tips to train the obliques, so that you can exercise sexy abs at home!

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What is the obliques?

In fact, the obliques are part of the core muscle group. Each person actually has two sets of obliques, the internal obliques and the external obliques. The internal oblique is a muscle group that runs along both sides of the abdominal muscles. The external oblique is between your ribs and your hip bones.

The obliques are a kind of stabilizing muscle. They are key to building the muscles in your abdomen. They also help shape and tone the muscles in your lower back area. But fitness isn't just about looks. Working your obliques helps your body balance and stabilize, giving your body more strength to achieve balance.

Exercise the obliques

Now that we know what the obliques are, it's time to know how we should exercise them. Fitness trainer Danyele has crafted an "obis workout" consisting of six moves to challenge your abs. You can loop through it, setting the time and number of times for each action before moving on to the next. After a short rest, repeat the cycle as many times as your body will allow!

Obliques training movement 1: side lift arm

From the side panel position, lift your body, keeping your elbows below your shoulders. One foot behind the other. Try not to collapse your shoulders.

Next, using your obliques, place your hands under your torso and twist slightly. Rotate your hands outward and lift your arms straight up into the air. Lift your hands up. Repeat as many times as you can handle, then repeat on the other side.

Obliques exercise 2: flat shoulder point

Start in a plank position with your hands under your shoulders and your back in a straight line with your head. Shoulders and feet hip-width apart.

With the core tightened, raise one hand over the other shoulder and try not to swing from side to side, keeping your body as balanced as possible. Return your hands to the floor and repeat on both sides.

Obliques exercise 3: Climber pose

From the plank position, place your hands under your shoulders and your back in a straight line with your head, with your shoulders and feet hip-width apart.

With your core tight, bring your knees to the middle of your body and aim for your elbows as if you were running in place. Repeat on both sides.

Obliques training movement 4: Burrito pose

Lie on a mat with your face up, your legs straight against the mat, and your arms extended over your head. Lift your left hand and right foot at the same time, keeping your leg straight and touching your right foot in the air. Return to the starting position and repeat alternately on both sides.

Obliques training Movement 5: Knee touch

Stand with your feet hip-width apart and your hands at the sides of your head. Squat down as if you were going to sit in a chair, keeping your knees in line with your toes. Make sure your core is tight and keep your weight on your heels.

To return to the standing position, lift your right knee and bring your left elbow toward it by twisting your body. Return to the starting position, squat again, and repeat.

Obliques training 6: Russian twist

Sit in a seated position and lift your legs up, suspended in mid-air, with your ischium (bottom of the buttocks) balanced. Keep your core firm and lean back slightly into a V shape.

Holding in this position,rotate your body left and right,touching the floor on each side with your hands.Be sure to keep your back straight and follow your arms with your eyes as you twist.


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