Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8
Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8

Medical-grade ECG Smartwatch ECG8

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ColorBlack silver
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Weight: 100g
Barcode: '758328348365

Discover the ultimate ECG heart rate monitor watch - our smartwatch combines medical-grade features like accurate sleep monitoring, breathing training, and HRV Lorentz scatter diagram. With 10 multi-sport modes, female health tracking, and more, it's your perfect companion for a healthy lifestyle

Medical grade ECG measurement Automatic infrared blood oxygen measurement Sleep apnea monitoring (snoring monitoring) HRV Lorentz scatter diagram
Accurate Scientific sleep monitoring Breathing training Heart rate monitoring 10 Multi-sport modes
Female menstruation and ovulation reminder Body temperature measurement Exercise measurement (step/calorie/distance Alarm clock
Information reminder Turn wrist bright screen Remote photographing Call reminder/reject
OTA upgrade Music control Sedentary reminder Stopwatch function
WeChat Motion Sync Multiple dials Heart rate alarm waterproof:IP67
Watch language support: Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese

APP language: Chinese, Traditional, English, Japanese, German, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Persian (Arabic)



Product type Smart watch (Medical Grade, electrocardiographic, ECG function) Blood oxygen sensor SRAM 2201 red light, infrared light and green light
Features Supported CFDA/FDA medical certification , Max86176, and 512 HZ ECG rate Accelerometer sensor STK8321 3-axis sensor (G-SENSOR)
Shell material & color Shell: Zinc alloy + vacuum plating (black, silver)
Bottom shell: PC+ABS+Medical grade 316 stainless steel sheet
Strap: TPU strap (black), leather strap (black, brown, dark brown)
Display Tempered glass+IPS HD TFT 1.3 inches 240*240DPI
Compatible System Android 4.4 and above,iOS 8.2 and above Battery capacity Pure cobalt lithium battery 230 mAh with 7-10 days of use, 30 days of standby
Processor (MCU main control) GOODIX5515 Touch CST816T full screen touch
Analog Front End chip  Max86176, and 512 HZ ECG rate Supported CFDA/FDA medical certification  Vibration motor Mute vibration
Optical lens Fresnel Lense Bluetooth 5.1BLE (low power consumption)
Temperature sensor MAX30208 Temperature sensor Physical buttons 2 Buttons


 MEDICAL GRADEECGHealth monitoring smart watch

MultichannelOptical DesignMultichannel Optical Design,More accurate data7- light path way | 6LED light source |3 electrodes, in multiple colors and wavelengths to extract different layers of the skin data, more stronger algorithm monitoring, lower power consumption and more accurate data monitoring.

HD big screenFull circle high-definition touch color screenWith 240*240 high-resolution high-definition color screen display, which can be slid and tap, convenient and fast, devote to a colorful life.

Core technologyBuilt-in GR5515 CPU more stronger performanceBuilt-in powerful GR5515 processing chip set, high-level production technology and raw materials, stronger processing performance and more accurate for obtain data.

Fresnel Optical LensStronger light penetration, for more accurate dataBuilt-in Fresnel lens, when the light go through the Fresnel lens, shoot out scattered light to be parallel light, making it easier for the sensor to collect data information, then guarantee the measurement data accurate.

Capture signals with higher-speedOnly takes 3 seconds to capture abnormal ECG signalsWith 512HZ ECG sampling frequency, provided medical-grade single-lead ECG. if any heart issue occurs, the attack mode can be activated within 3 seconds to record abnormal ECG signals. will provide a reports for your doctor for reference.

Al intelligentartificial electrocardiogram report

1、Atrial flutter2、Ventricular flutter3、Ventricular escape4、Sinus arrest5、Atrial escape6、Sinus bradycardia7、Sinus tachycardia8、Sinus arrhythmia9、Paroxysmal ventricular tachycardia10、Preventricular contractions (preventricular beats)11.Myocardial ischemia(subendocardial ischemia)12、Frequent ventricular premature systole13, Frequent Ventricular Presystolic TriadPlease follow the doctor's instructions. Based on this measurement, self-diagnosis and treatment are very dangerous, if high blood pressure.Users of circulatory disorders and blood diseases, please test and treat under the guidance of a doctor, this product can not replace professional monitoring equipment, product test results are for reference only, not for any medical use *

Rest-exercise heart rate variabilityHeart rate change mode rest-exercise-restWarning: High or low heart rate predicts potential risks in advance. Safety: For heart patients, exercise intensity can be safely controlled.Cardiac screening: For ordinary people, heart rate still high after exercise finished, and the heart rate is screened to be unhealthy. Efficacy: For athletes or coaches, heart rate remains high after exercise finished, possibly due to strong training. Excessive exercise increases the risk of injury.

Blood pressure monitoringIntelligent pulse wave technology View blood pressure data in 30 seconds24H monitor blood pressure, record the change process of blood pressure, get more detailed feedbacks, and synchronize data to APP, keep 24 hours pay attention to health.

Continuous blood oxygen trackingContinuous SpO2 monitoringWarning: Apnea predicts potential risks in advance (causing sudden death and stroke). long-term in low heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, memory loss anddepression. especially for snoring, apnea, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia etc. it will warn you when they detect you are in a state of hypoxia.

Sleep monitoring and analysisAll-day sleep trackingMonitor sleep quality, real-time heart rate, sleep breathing quality throughout the whole process,According to big data analysis,more accurately judge the sleep situation (sleep duration,awakenings times, sleep time, light sleep, deep sleep), score the quality of sleep, help record complete sleep information, get a nice sleep night.

Message reminderSync mobile phone message remindersSynchronize incoming calls, text messages, QQ, WeChat and other application software messages, never missing any important messages anytime, anywhere.

FemaleRecord women's menstrual cycle, care for healthHelp you knowing your menstrual cycle, record menstrual periods, safe periods, and dangerous periods, care of women's physical health.

Sports modesMultiple sports modesSupport 10 exercise modes, record your time and heart rate during exercise, Calorie and other data, scientifically adjust the state of exercise.

The New Generation Bluetooth 5.1Data transmission be more power efficient, more stable and fasterAdopt large-capacity battery and intelligent power consumption algorithm to maximize power consumption ,typical use situation, can be last for 15 days, keep easy and happy every day.

Two-color options2 kinds of watch frames | 7 kinds of strap7 kinds of strap colors, 2 kinds of watch frames for you to choose, to match your style, let us experience a wonderful life.