BP Doctor Med 14

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Accurate blood pressure measurement

Accurate blood pressure measurement

Using an air pump +PPG blood pressure monitoring Based on the high-performance micropump and PPG sensor of the watch, adopting innovation blood pressure measurement technology, achieving real-time blood pressure measurement function and issuing measuring values allows you to proactively manage blood pressure health.

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Heart Rate Tracking Made For Every Day

Heart Rate Tracking Made For Every Day

In the past, heart rate tracking was expensive, awkward and uncomfortable. With the invention of BP Doctor, we made it accessible to anyone.Inspired by a thimble-sized sensor used in hospitals, we conducted extensive research to make wrist-based heart rate tracking work in all types of environments.

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ECG electrocardiogram APP takes you to interpret

ECG electrocardiogram APP takes you to interpret

After completing the measurement, the APP can directly view its measurement results all numerical values are clear and easy to understand on the APP at a glance Helping you have a more comprehensive understanding of heart health

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First Record Data For Your Body

  • BP Doctor Med 14

    Equal to blood pressure monitor+ normal smartwatch
  • BP Doctor Pro 15

    Not only monitors blood pressure, blood oxygen function, but also monitors sleep quality

2023 Latest Blood Pressure Watch

  • 120 Hours Endurance

     Reduced power consumption by 36%, increased battery capacity by 100mAh, and increased standby time from 120 hours to 168 hours

  • ±0.5% Test Error

    BP Doctor obtains CE, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen test error less than 0.5%!!  

  • 64% Performance++

    Using latest 3.0 super chip, the operating memory increased by 1G, performance improved by 64%, test speed increased by 46%.

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