10 Ways to Fix Insomnia

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To prevent insomnia and reduce the chance of insomnia, here are 6 suggestions:

1. Expose yourself to the sun for at least 30 minutes a day:

Sun exposure can effectively adjust the biological clock


2. Do not look at electronic products half an hour before going to bed:

The strong light of electronic products will directly enter the eyes, which will reduce the secretion of melatonin, delay sleep or reduce sleep quality. But reading a book before going to bed is no problem, because the light is reflected into the eyes through the book, and the light is relatively less intense


3. Keep a diary:

If you have a lot of troubles in your head and can't sleep, you can try to write them down. There is also a trick to the way it is written:

  • Must be written, not typed or spoken
  • It is recommended to write in the study or living room, or at least not on the bed, to avoid associating insomnia with the bed
  • Just write in a row, don't go into details, otherwise it will become more and more troublesome to write


4. Create a sense of ritual:

Tell your body that it's time to get ready to rest after you've done it


5. Get up and walk around when you can't sleep, don't stay in bed all the time


6. Avoid discussing business or planning work in the room


7. Avoid strenuous exercise before bed


8. Avoid drinking coffee, tea and other caffeinated drinks before going to bed


9. Maintain a comfortable environment:

For example, minimize the light, maintain the room temperature at 25°C, and wear earplugs to reduce environmental sound interference if necessary


10. Avoid eating and drinking before bedtime

Using the above methods, maybe you can improve your sleep! BP Smartwatch is also very effective in monitoring sleep conditions, such as deep sleep time and light sleep time.