9 Dos And Don'ts Before Riding

Smart Watch For Cycling

Outdoor cycling can not only feel the breath of nature, but also allow the body to get full exercise.

What preparations do you need to do before riding?

1. Overall observation

Before each departure, the car should be checked in detail to see which parts seem to be loose or not right. The more carefully you observe your car, the more you can understand it and discover its strangeness.

2. Brake

First check the sensitivity of the front and rear brakes, and try to pull the brake handle to see if it feels smooth. By the way, check to see if the brake pads are worn, or have foreign objects embedded in them.

3. Tires

Carefully check the air pressure of the tires, you can press the tires. Or sit in the car and observe the length of the contact surface between the tire and the ground. Also remember to check the tread for scratches, wear, or foreign objects such as nails and glass pieces, and remember to step on it with enough air to be brisk.

4. Chain

Check whether the chain rotates smoothly, because the road conditions are unpredictable during riding. Especially in competitions, the riding intensity will be much greater than usual. If there are hidden dangers in the chain, it is very easy to break the chain during the competition or get stuck in the main transmission, resulting in safety accidents.

5. Front and rear wheels

Pat the front wheel to see if the wheel is loose. If the front wheel becomes loose, falls off or blows out, the rider may be seriously injured. A loose rear wheel can cause slipping.

6. Cranks and others

Check whether the crank is loose and whether the pedals are properly locked, and check all quick release parts. Check whether the bell can make a sound and whether it can be used smoothly; check whether the brightness of the car lights is sufficient.

7. Helmets

Helmets are very important whether you are riding long distances or short distances, and you must wear them. If you want to ride a long distance, bicycle equipment, human equipment, daily necessities, clothing items, digital items, medicines, and car repair tools must be prepared at all times.

8. Warm up

In order to make your body more adaptable and perform better when riding, you must do warm-up exercises to activate your motor nerves. You can choose some stretching exercises to warm up. If you rest for more than 15 minutes, you need to warm up again.

9. Mental preparation

If it is a long-distance ride, you need to inform your family or friends of your ride plan in advance, make preparations in advance, keep a happy mood, and set off!

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