Guys on a First Date: Stick to Two Principles

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It is said that the first date of a man and a woman can be regarded as a life-and-death situation in the development of a relationship. Whether it is a blind date or an online dating, if the first date is performed well, it means that you have entered the fast lane of getting out of the single.
In this issue, I will share with you some love skills about dating, so as to help you win the hearts of girls on the first date!

In fact, whether the first date can go smoothly depends mainly on two points. The first point is a sense of security, and the second point is consistency.

One: a sense of security

When meeting for the first time, girls will definitely have a certain defensiveness towards boys. Even if you can have a hot chat online, you can't ignore the fact that this is the first time you meet.

So when choosing a date location, try to choose one that is close to the girl's home, or in an environment that she is familiar with, and it is best to choose a place with a lot of people.

For example, the snack street near the girl's home, or a nearby business district, if you personally don't like the excitement, you can also choose a restaurant or tavern with darker light.

According to the dark effect, people will feel less defensive in such an environment, and the tension on the first date between the two parties will also be eased, so that we can ensure smoother communication with girls.

The content of the first date should not be too much, and the time should be controlled at about three hours.

The purpose of our date this time is to get to know each other better and leave a good impression on the girls, so the content should be mainly chatting, like watching a movie in a cinema is obviously inappropriate.

You can choose to take the girl for a walk after the meal. A date like this that facilitates communication and interaction between the two parties is just right.


Two: Consistency

The so-called consistency refers to whether the social image you convey to the other party matches your real image.
For example, if you are humorous and talkative when chatting online, but you turn out to be shy and introverted after meeting a girl, this is a breakdown of consistency, and the girl's impression of you will definitely decline.

To achieve consistency on the first date, veterans can start from the following two aspects.

One: pay attention to dress

Although we can't just look at the face when looking for a partner, but the external image does affect the other party's opinion of you.

Before you meet, girls will definitely make up your appearance. We may not be able to make the other party mistaken at first sight for life, but having a clean and tidy image will definitely gain a lot of favor.

So before your first date, you'd better show your most handsome side. If you can do your hairstyle, you'd better do it. In terms of clothing, you can wear it according to your own style.

If you really don’t know how to dress, ask your female friends or ask the clerk of a brand clothing store for help with matching.


Two: active chat interaction

Many people can keep chatting with girls on the Internet, but become taciturn after meeting, which will definitely lead to a breakdown in consistency.

Therefore, we can prepare more chat topics before meeting girls, and it is best to have something related to the hobbies of the two of you.

When you first meet, you can say a few simple greetings: "The environment around here is good, you can go shopping later", or simply praise the other party: "Your hairstyle today is very temperamental."

After that, you can talk about topics that both of you are interested in. For example, if a girl recently held a private fitness class, you can ask her about her fitness status.

But don't be overly eager when chatting. When you notice that a girl can't pick up the conversation, or you see that a girl is impatient, you should change the topic and talk to the girl about something else.

As long as the first date goes well, it will be very easy to invite again after that, or to steadily advance the relationship.


Three: Show a gentlemanly demeanor
Finally, I would like to emphasize that showing a gentlemanly demeanor on a date can also leave a good impression on girls.

On the one hand, it will let girls know that you are very educated, and on the other hand, it will make girls feel that this boy is very careful and knows how to take care of others.

It is not difficult to achieve these two points. First of all, we can properly ask girls for their opinions when arranging the content of the date.

For example, ask her if she can eat spicy food before ordering, and where she wants to go after eating, but respecting a girl's opinion does not mean completely obeying her thoughts. For example, if she says she wants to go home after dinner, then you have to find a way to get along with her for a while longer.

You can say to a girl while eating: "It's quite early after dinner. I just saw a VR experience hall nearby. I want to try it. Would you like to come with me?"

understand? You still have to know the specific arrangements for the date, and the girls' opinions can be used as a reference. And if you want to show your care, you can pay more attention to taking care of girls. For example, if there is no place to put the things that a girl carries, you can help her carry them; if you see a girl walking slowly in high heels, you should slow down appropriately so that she will not feel so tired when walking. In addition to these, you must also pay attention to your attitude towards other people.

For example, don't lose your temper at the waiter in a restaurant, and don't be too indifferent when you meet a businessman passing flyers on the road. Girls often use these details to judge whether a boy is worth dating.

Alright, at this point, the content of this issue has come to an end. Although this dating guide is easy to understand and relatively comprehensive, the plan cannot keep up with the changes. If it is implemented in detail, there will definitely be some variables. You adapt to the situation and believe that sweet love is waiting for you not far away.

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