Have you ever tested your core strength?

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One move that tests your core strength is the plank. How long do you plank for?

If you start shaking after 30 seconds or tire out after a plank for less than a minute, your core strength is weak. If you can hold a plank for 2 minutes, you have a strong core.

The core strength is too weak, what harm is there?

People with weak core strength have no strength to do anything, and are prone to injury when exercising. It is not easy to lift strength when weight training. If you want to go further on the fitness road, be sure to strengthen your core.

Your core includes your spine, lower back, pelvis, hip, abdomen, buttocks, and so on. When your core is strong, you can build a good foundation for other exercises.

Training the core muscle group, but also help you strengthen the abdominal muscle line, strengthen the waist and abdominal strength, let you show the summer charming vest line, abdominal line.

Sticking to core muscle training can also improve the problem of sitting for a long time, and correct the spine deformation, including the body problems such as chest hunchback, shape the straight posture, effectively improve their temperament, so that you look more energetic and dynamic.

The person with weak core strength, how to exercise the core muscle group?

Planks are a great workout, and a set of planks every other day will help strengthen your core. However, for many people, this movement is monotonous and the intensity of training is limited.

Therefore, we can add other variations to enhance the fun and flexibility of the training, and give deeper stimulation to the core.

Repeat 2 times every other day for 30 seconds to improve your core.

Action 1: Plank back kick

In a plank position, balance yourself and then alternate legs.

Action 2: Support jumping jacks

Lie on your stomach with straight arms in support position and tighten your lumbar and abdominal muscles, then alternate your legs with jumping jacks.

Action 3: Alternate straight arm plank

In plank position, then alternate bending elbows and straight arms, keeping your body in a straight line.

Action 4: side support leg lift

In the sideways position, one arm is supported on the ground and the other arm is touching the thigh.

Action 5: The goat stands up

Find a low stool, support your lower body on the stool, then slowly lean over your upper body, and then slowly straighten your body.

Action 6: Russian twist

Sit, then bend your knees and lift your legs to balance, then turn side to side.

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