Healthy Snack Combinations That Can Be Eaten For Weight Loss

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Who says snacks have to be high in calories? Make these treats a craving savior! These healthy snack combinations are ultra-low in calories, even as low as 23 calories, no matter whether you are losing weight or want to eat healthy!

1: Dark chocolate + low-fat fresh milk

⚡️The heat is about 224kcal

Pure chocolate is rich in vitamins, minerals, rich in polyphenols, flavonoids and other antioxidant components, which can help promote metabolism, relax the mood, make people more energetic and energetic, and at the same time beautify the skin. As long as it is paired with a cup of fresh milk full of calcium, it will be more nutritious.

2: Fruit + sugar-free yogurt

⚡️The heat is about 174kcal

Supplementing daily dietary fiber and vitamin C is very important. Although fruits have many benefits, eating too much may also lead to obesity. The fruit is about the size of a fist. In addition, the colonization of good bacteria is also very important. It is recommended to drink yogurt every day, supplement a little good bacteria every day, and supplement the calcium and good protein of dairy products to strengthen immune cells.

3: Nuts + sugar-free tea

⚡️ Calories about 147kcal

We all know that nuts are good for you. As for the catechins in green tea that can help with anti-oxidation, if you are tired of drinking plain water, making tea at home is also very good!

4: Unflavored popcorn + sugar-free soy milk

⚡️The heat is about 223kcal

Popcorn is high in calories, but how can you watch a football game without popcorn? The commercially available popcorn is high in calories because it contains a lot of "cream and seasoning powder". You can make homemade popcorn with real flavor, no oil, and less burden. Just spread the corn kernels on the pan, add a little salt, cover the pan without adding any oil, and bake on a low heat for 5 minutes (remember to cover the pan, and you will complete simple and no-burden popcorn !

5: Vegetable Stick + Yogurt

⚡️The heat is about 128kcal

It's not bad to order vegetable sticks if you are tired of vegetables! Full of vitamins, phytochemicals and fiber can provide body nutrition without worrying about getting fat. In addition, the satisfying yogurt is also a great choice as a snack. In addition to supplementing daily dairy products and calcium, It is also a quick way to replenish the good bacteria in the body.

6: Thin seaweed + sugar-free sparkling water

⚡️The heat is about 23kcal

Commercially available seaweed is very low in calories, but the only thing to pay attention to is the sodium content, just eat in moderation. Choose sugar-free sparkling drinks as beverages, which can increase satiety while satisfying your cravings.
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