How Countries Celebrate Father's Day

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Father's Day is a festival that originated in the United States and is held on the third Sunday in June every year.

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On Father's Day, people choose specific flowers to honor their father. Since 1924, on Father's Day, all Americans whose father has died will wear a white rose, while Americans whose father is alive will wear a red rose; later in Pennsylvania, people use dandelions to pay tribute to their father, and in Vancouver , people chose to wear white lilac...

After Father's Day was established as a holiday in the United States, businessmen and manufacturers began to see business opportunities. They not only encouraged children to send greeting cards to their fathers, but also encouraged them to buy small gifts such as ties and socks for their fathers to express their respect for the father. Father's respect. In addition, the breakfast on Father's Day is made by the children. Parents don't have to get up early in the morning and can continue to sleep. The children can prepare breakfast for their parents before going to bed.

When the Japanese celebrate Father’s Day, daughters will do three things for their fathers. First, Japanese children will generally reunite with their fathers and send gifts and blessings to their fathers. In addition, as the daughter of her father's "close-fitting padded jacket", she has to write a letter of love and blessing to her father, hold this letter in front of her father, and read it aloud to her father to thank her father for his life and upbringing. Next, there is another important thing, that is, the daughters have to take a bath with their father and rub their backs with their own hands, which is also the greatest way to give father warmth. After all, Japan has a long history of bathing culture. For the Japanese, taking a bath is the supreme enjoyment. In addition, Japan has a mixed bathing custom of men and women, so it is not surprising that a daughter takes a bath with her father.

Every February 23rd is Father's Day in Russia, and this day is also Russia's "Fatherland Defense Day". Therefore, on this day, celebrations will be held all over the country. Men don't have to go to work and can enjoy life and drink to their heart's content. And women will congratulate men by presenting gifts.

March 19th is Father's Day in Spain, which is a national holiday to celebrate Father's Day. And it's very interesting that on this day, we not only say hello to all fathers, but also to all people named JOSE, regardless of whether the person is a man or a woman. The reason is that March 19 is the birthday of Jesus' father JOSE, so this day is also called JOSE Day. Belgium, Portugal, and Italy also celebrate Father's Day on the same day. On this day, families will get together to celebrate the holiday for the men in the family.

May 8th is Parents' Day in Korea. Like Children's Day, many museums, parks, cultural centers, etc. will be open for free on Parents' Day. Many groups will also hold activities to distribute awards to the annual filial sons and filial daughters recommended to everyone.

Father's Day in Germany is May 28. On this day, alcoholic German fathers can get as drunk as they want, and their daughter-in-law is not allowed to go home. The men in the small town were even more exaggerated. They pushed the cart out early in the morning, loaded with beer in large wooden barrels, and drank with whoever they met. They were so happy that they passed out on the street. The custom of getting drunk on this day dates back to the late 19th century and is especially prevalent in eastern Germany.

The second Sunday in August is Father's Day in Brazil. Every year on this day, under the blue sky and white clouds, fathers playing with their children are everywhere in the park and on the beach. On this special day, Brazilian men like to spend time with their children and let the children enjoy To kind fatherly love.

The first Sunday in September is Father's Day in Australia. On Father's Day, Australian fathers don't need to do anything, just rest and enjoy. Some religions will hold celebrations, and they will remind people to greet their mothers while greeting their fathers. This is really a humane proposal.

December 5th is Father's Day in Thailand, because this day is also the birthday of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, the ninth king of the Bangkok dynasty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, so it is the most noble festival. On this day, men, women and children all wear yellow clothes and go to the temple to pray for the king and father. For Thai people, the best blessing in life is to be lucky enough to receive the king's blessing at the palace on Father's Day.

No matter when or how to celebrate Father's Day, there is a lot of warmth in it, expressing our gratitude to our parents!

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