Several Healthy Cycling Methods

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Every ride is wonderful. Cycling is not a journey alone.

There are many benefits of exercising by bicycle, it is unlimited in time and speed. Cycling has no noise, no pollution, better physical and mental health, and you can walk with like-minded friends. It is a healthy way of fitness. Some people are used to riding slowly and persist for a long time; some people concentrate on riding fast for a while, and then slow down; others like to ride fast and slow, combining fast and slow. So, what are the differences in the exercise effects of these riding methods? Which method is the most scientific and effective?

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Analysis of 6 fitness methods of bicycle

Method 1: Cycling at a constant speed

The so-called uniform speed cycling method, as the name implies, is to maintain a relatively constant speed and ride a bicycle for about 30-40 minutes. And use a uniform breathing method during the period. Although this method is chronic, it has a good effect on fat loss.

Method 2: Explosive Cycling

Compared with the constant speed cycling method, the explosive cycling method takes much less time. What this method requires is to burst out most of your strength and instantly increase the speed of the bicycle to the limit. Through such a burst, the muscles can quickly get super-strength tight, and finally continue to cooperate with good breathing to obtain considerable fitness effects.

Method 3: Intermittent Cycling Method

This is a training method that relies on the alternation of fast and slow speeds to effectively exercise the human heart function. Ride slowly for a few minutes and then ride fast for a few minutes during cycling, which has a similar effect to the "alternate running and walking" in running training. However, the "fast" referred to here is not the speed at will. Only when the intensity of exercise heart rate is reached is it really effective, otherwise it will be futile.

Method 4: Obstacle riding method

When riding a bicycle for fitness, look for some terrain with ups and downs, use the ramp as an obstacle to consume the fat on your legs, and soon you will find that the excess meat on your legs has disappeared.


Method 5: Variable speed cycling method

In the process of cycling at a constant speed, the cycle exercise such as accelerating from time to time can improve the body's adaptability to aerobic exercise and achieve better weight loss effect.

Method 6: Special Riding

In the process of riding a bicycle, it is different from the previous posture. Instead, the buttocks leave the seat, the body is half arched, and only the waist and abdomen are used to ride the bicycle. In this way, the fat on the waist and abdomen formed by sitting on the chair for a long time will be completely eliminated.

When cycling, it is best to alternate the above methods, but one of them is the main method, and at the same time supplemented by other methods, in order to achieve a better exercise effect. In addition, when you first start exercising, you should not ride too fast, usually for 20-40 minutes. If you feel tired during this period, you can ride slowly for 1-2 minutes at intervals to recover your strength. After a period, gradually increase the intensity and duration of the exercise.

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Cycling is a sport that pursues speed and passion. Different riding styles will have different fun. You can select the cycling mode on the BP Smartwatch to record your exercise data.