So Special! Mother's Day Customs Around The World

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Mother's Day is just around the corner. People in different places have different customs for celebrating Mother's Day, and some places are really special!

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  • Noodle necklace for mom

Every May 29th is Mother's Day in France. On this day, French children will wear their own "noodle necklace" for their mothers. This "necklace" is made of macaroni pasta in various colors and shapes. Gratitude for the nurturing grace of mothers and high respect for the selfless dedication of mothers. From three-year-old children to elderly people with frost and snow on their temples, women and girls all over France usually start making "noodle necklaces" two weeks in advance. In today's materially abundant world, the unpretentious "Noodle Necklace" is still at the top of the Mother's Day gift list and is the favorite of many mothers.


  • Bring flowers back to mom's house

Mother's Day in Mexico is on May 10th. This day is not a legal holiday, but many people will bring flowers and gifts back to their mother's house. On the eve of Mother's Day, sanitation workers in Mexico City will fill the Monument Square with tens of thousands of carnations to welcome the upcoming Mother's Day.


  • "Mother's Cake" from the 17th century

In the 17th century, in England, in order to express respect for British mothers, the fourth Sunday of Lent was designated as "Mothering Sunday". People went home to visit their parents on this day and paid respects. At that time, many poor people had to live in rich people's homes, and were forced to leave their homes to stay with their masters. On "Mothering Sunday", the masters would give them a holiday and encourage them to return home and reunite with their mothers.
In order to increase the joyful atmosphere, a special cake "Mother's Cake" has also been developed. The festival gradually turned into a veneration of "Mother Church": expressing people's gratitude for the spiritual power that gave them life and protected them from harm.


Serbs in Yugoslavia call Mother's Day Materice and celebrate it in the first two weeks of Christmas every year. The custom of celebrating is: children sneak into their mother's room early in the morning on Mother's Day and tie their mother to the bed. Small gifts in exchange.

Spain Portugal

Mother Mary's Day has a close relationship with the church. December 8 is a day to commemorate the Virgin Mary, and it is also a festival for children to express their love for their mothers.


  • Charity sale

Celebrate Mother's Day on the last Sunday in May. On the eve of Mother's Day, the Swedish Red Cross will hold a bazaar of plastic mother flowers, and the proceeds from the bazaar will be used to sponsor holiday funds for mothers with many children.


  • Choose your ideal mother

Every year on the last Friday of March is Mother's Day in Egypt. On this day, teenagers from all over the country will give flowers and gifts to their mothers, hold concerts and entertainment performances for their mothers, and select the most ideal mothers in the country.


  • Beautiful mother

Every April 5th is Mother's Day in India. On this day, all mothers who have given birth to a child must wear colorful saris and exquisite jewelry, and come to public places for entertainment to show their femininity as a mother.

Central africa

  • Mother's day

Every year on May 29th, the Central African Republic will grandly celebrate the traditional Mother's Day. On this day, mothers dressed in costumes and held their children in a grand parade in the capital city of Bangui. National leaders and government officials also participate in their festival activities, making the festival more grand and lively.


  • Bless mother with peace

In the United States, the earliest record of Mother's Day was proposed by Julia Wald Howe in 1872. She suggested that this day be dedicated to "peace".
In 1876, America was still mourning the dead of the Civil War.
In 1907, Mrs. Chavez's daughter Anna campaigned for the establishment of a national Mother's Day. She persuaded her mother's church in West Virginia to celebrate Mother's Day on the second anniversary of her mother's death, the second Sunday in May. President Wilson issued an official proclamation in 1914 making Mother's Day a national holiday.


  • Queen Sirikit's birthday is Mother's Day

In 1976, in order to praise Queen Sirikit’s great contribution in inheriting Thai traditional culture and to thank her for the motherly care she gave to the Thai people as the mother of a country, the Thai government made Queen Sirikit’s birthday, that is, the 8th of each year. December 12th is Mother's Day in Thailand. During the festival, the most meaningful activity across the country is "selecting outstanding mothers". Then, thousands of daughters hold white jasmine flowers as "mother's flowers" and present them to their mothers to express their gratitude.


  • Special sumo wrestling

The third Sunday in October every year is Mother's Day in Japan. In Japan, this festival is full of nostalgic atmosphere. To show respect for their mothers, on this day, those whose mothers are alive wear a red flower, while those whose mothers have passed away wear white flowers to show their memory of their mothers. Every year on Mother's Day, in Fukushima Town, Hokkaido, people will hold a unique "Mother's Day Sumo Competition" to celebrate the festival.


  • The second Sunday in May every year is "Mother's Day"

On this day, in addition to giving gifts to the mother, family members also do various things to make the mother happy to show their respect and love.

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