The Effect Of Warming Up Before Running

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It has to be said that warm-up exercises are often ignored by runners, and some people even feel that warming up before running is not important at all.

On the surface, it seems that whether you are warming up or not does not hinder the running itself. In fact, the difference between not warming up and fully warming up is very obvious in the running state.

How does not warming up affect running?

1.It is easy to cause sports injuries.

Doing no warm-up before running will easily lead to slowing down of muscle metabolism, increased viscosity, and reduced muscle contraction and relaxation speed, which will weaken muscle strength and ligament toughness and extensibility, resulting in severe muscle contraction, resulting in exercise damage.


2. The internal organs will appear unsuitable

When a person is running, the internal organs cannot immediately enter the state of exercise. If there is no sufficient warm-up before running, the organs will not be able to volatilize in time, but it will easily lead to physical discomfort.


3. Can't get better running

Without warming up, the cerebral cortex cannot quickly enter the excited state. Even if you run too fast now, you will feel that your limbs are in a state of stiffness, and your body's motor functions have not yet been released. You can do a comparative warm-up and non-warm-up running experiment, and you can understand the difference between the two by feeling it with your heart.


Talk about the top 10 benefits of warming up before running:

  • Increase body temperature and prevent muscle strain.
  • Wake up the function and make a comprehensive preparation for the pre-run.
  • Activates muscles, generates greater muscle power and lets you run faster.
  • Reduce side effects, and reduce the phenomenon of side effects when running fast.
  • Promote body heat dissipation and prevent overheating when running in summer.
  • Activate the core to a greater extent, making running more stable.
  • Mobilize the heart and lungs and avoid the inertia of the heart and lungs.
  • Activate the nervous system and make yourself more focused on running.
  • Better adapt to the weather and venue, and reduce the interference of external factors.
  • More secretion of synovial fluid, reducing stiffness and pain between joints.

Be sure to fully warm up before running. You can also wear BP Smartwatch while running to accurately track your exercise data.