The leg circumference has been reduced by 13cm!

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If you stay at home and don't go out, you still need to maintain your exercise habits! Up to 10 minutes before bedtime, a few simple tricks can easily thin your thighs.

Before you go to bed, take a look at this super powerful leg raise exercise.

Method 1. Side leg raises

  • Lie sideways on a bed or yoga mat.
  • Bend one hand 90 degrees to support the body, lift the waist off the floor, lift the other foot, raise it on the exhale and lower it on the inhale.
    Exchange the left and right repeated movements, you can train for the saddle meat and also shape the waist.


Method 2. Air Cycling

  • Cycling in the air can also be easily done on the bed.
  • Raising your legs and stepping on your left and right feet alternately, like riding a bicycle, can not only eliminate leg fat, but also strengthen core strength and develop vest line.

Method 3. Supine leg raises

  • Put your core first, get your legs off the ground, and do small kicks that can tone your legs and deal with difficult belly fat!


Method 4. Bridge leg raises

  • The bridge movement of yoga combined with single leg raises can increase the difficulty and enhance the weight loss effect.
  • Not only do the leg and core muscles feel more tender, but they can also help expand and stretch the chest.


Method 5. Massage

  • Finally, you can massage your legs before bed to expel toxins from the body and eliminate the feeling of swelling and edema. Especially the thighs and buttocks are important places for the distribution of lymph nodes.
  • The massage along the lymph flow line is the best! Lymph in the feet, abdomen, waist, etc. all flow up to this point.

Sit a few movements higher every day and you'll soon have slim legs. Don't forget that sitting for a long time can also lead to thicker legs. BP Smartwatch can not only remind you to get up and walk, but also monitor your exercise data during exercise.