Want To Run A Marathon? Ask Yourself These 8 Questions First

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If you really want to run a marathon, you need several months of preparation and training. During this preparation period, you need patience to lay a solid foundation and progress step by step in order to complete the marathon without pain. Before deciding to run the first marathon in your life, you can look at the following questions, and then judge whether you can run a marathon.

1. How long have you been running?

It is better to have been running for 6 months, and more than 1 year is even better. Now it's time to prepare for a marathon. When running experience is accumulated, the body can withstand longer running distances.


2. How many kilometers can you run?

Before starting marathon training, you need to have a running volume of 24-32 kilometers a week. After a few months, you will do marathon training. Your body needs to adapt to the impact of running. And it should be noted that running can not only be trained on the treadmill, but also must adapt to various terrains. At least 1/3 of the time is spent outdoors.


3. Have you consulted a doctor?

Everyone's physical condition is different. Before starting marathon training, you can hold your own training schedule and discuss it with your doctor. A doctor can give you some very good advice and experience based on your personal physical condition.


4. Have you participated in any road races?

Before participating in a marathon, it is best to participate in some short-distance running races, such as 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers. You can get used to the pace of the game first, adjust your emotions, and even evaluate whether you have the ability to afford the expenses of the game. It is suggested that runners can participate in the half marathon first, and then consider whether they really want to participate in long-distance events.


5. Do you have enough time to train?

Some people don't realize that training for a marathon is packed and can sometimes feel like just another part-time job. For beginners, it is best to exercise 4-5 days a week, one of which should include an hour of long-distance running. Moreover, factors such as work and family need to be considered additionally, and these must be taken into account in the training arrangement.


6. Have all the conditions on race day been taken into consideration?

When you choose a game, have you considered all possible situations in the game, can you handle it yourself? For example, running in hot climates is a very difficult challenge. For example, some race tracks are more complicated, and the height fluctuations will be different. So you have to consider whether you are suitable for running on flat roads, or if you want to choose a race with mountain roads.

These problems must be simulated during training. The most important thing is that the competition has a time limit. Beginners can discuss with their seniors or coaches whether they can complete the competition within the time limit.


7. Have you done enough homework for the marathon?

Did you read any books about it while you were preparing for the marathon? Have you asked your marathon runners? Have you ever volunteered at a race? Ever thought about joining a club or running group? All the above questions are the homework that needs to be done before training, and can also help you evolve into a marathon runner smoothly.


8. Why do you want to run a marathon?

Running a marathon also needs a reason, it must be from the bottom of your heart, so that you will have the motivation to persevere. If you are forced or only have three minutes of heat, then you have to think about it.

To challenge a marathon, you must be well prepared both physically and mentally, because for ordinary people, it is difficult to control the running rhythm when participating in a marathon, especially after 20 kilometers, the legs will become heavy. For runners, completing a full marathon is not only a test of the body, but also an exercise of the will.

If you have no doubts about the 8 questions mentioned above, and you have made sufficient preparations, then you can bravely participate in the first marathon in your life. By the way, pay attention to time and speed control when running a marathon, BP Smartwatch can help you.