What Is It Like To Practice Yoga At The Beach?

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Practicing yoga itself is not limited by the venue. You can do it anywhere you want. It is convenient and comfortable to practice at home, but it is a different experience to practice at the seaside. Today, the editor brings you a group of yoga that is suitable for practicing at the beach. If you have the opportunity, you must go to the beach to try it!

Asana 1: tree pose

1. Keep a standing posture, keep your knees straight, keep your feet close to the ground, tighten your abdomen, raise your head and chest, and keep breathing evenly;

2. Look straight ahead, turn your head to the left, stretch your arms upwards, put your hands together on top of your head;

3. Bend the left knee, lift the left calf up slowly until the sole of the foot is close to the side of the right thigh, look straight to the left, and maintain the movement for 30 seconds.


Asana 2: Handstand Variation

1. Lie flat on the ground, stretch your hands forward, spread your five fingers close to the ground to keep your body balanced, stretch your legs back, and straighten your knees;

2. Inhale, use the strength of the arms to stretch the body upwards quickly, slowly straighten the elbows, bend and stretch the hips, straighten the left leg upwards, and keep the right leg parallel to the ground;

3. Keep your eyes on the ground and maintain the movement for 30s.


Asana 3: Cow Face

1. Sit on the ground, keep your chest up and your abdomen in, keep breathing evenly, bend your right knee, keep your legs close to the ground, bend your feet towards your left hip, lift your right leg up slowly, place it on the top of your left thigh, and place it on your left thigh. Extend the ball of the foot to the right hip;

2. Turn the head to the left, stretch the left hand upwards around the back to the back side, and stretch the right hand back from the side of the waist to hold the left hand tightly;

3. Close your eyes, keep your inner peace, and keep moving for 30s.


Asana 4: Twisted spine

1. Maintain a sitting posture, keep your chest up and your abdomen in, keep breathing evenly, twist your upper body slightly to the right, keep your left leg close to the ground, bend your knees, and move your feet closer to the root of your right thigh;

2. Lift the right leg up slowly, stretch the knee upwards, cross the left leg, place the sole of the right foot on the left side, stretch the right hand backward, and wrap the left hand around the right leg to hold the right hand tightly;

3. Keep your eyes straight and obliquely behind you, keep your heart calm, and feel the power of muscle stretching.


Asana 5: One-Handed Ace Pigeon Variation

1. Sit on the ground, stretch the whole body upwards slowly, straighten the right leg back, keep the knee straight, and then slowly lower the center of gravity until the leg is close to the ground;

2. Bend the left knee, stretch the left calf as far as possible to the right, stretch the arms back, hold both hands tightly, and straighten the elbows;

3. Tighten your abdomen, keep breathing evenly, raise your head slightly, close your eyes, and feel the beauty of the world.


Asana 6: One-legged Gravia Variation

1. Lie on your stomach on the ground, stretch your legs back, spread your legs slightly with a certain amount of effort, spread your palms and five fingers close to the ground, bend your elbows, and lift your whole body slowly until you are in downward dog position;

2. Tighten the abdomen, inhale, lean the upper body slightly forward, and use the strength of the arms to quickly stretch the legs upward;

3. Keep the body balanced, straighten the left leg back, bend the knee of the right leg, stretch the leg inward, and place the sole of the foot above the elbow.


Asana 7: Camel Variation

1. Keep a kneeling posture, with your thighs perpendicular to the ground, your spine straight, your upper torso lifted slowly, your left leg slowly stretched to the left, and your feet close to the ground to keep your body balanced;

2. Tighten the abdomen, keep breathing evenly, slowly lean the upper body back, stretch the left hand downward, straighten the right hand upward, and tilt the head slightly backward;

3. Keep the movement for 30s, the movement should be as standard as possible, exuding the charm of sports.

After practicing a set of yoga poses, everyone must remember to stretch! Today's sea with yoga, I wonder if everyone is satisfied? There is nothing better than practicing yoga with music by the sea. BP Smartwatch can not only control music playback, but also monitor various body data.